Welcome to the new Vismarck Shop

The re-branding of VISMARCK and DELYS Products

The same flavor and quality of our real and handmade 100% Costa Rican products
Factor at Comunidad de Carrillo, Guanacaste.

Handmade in Costa Rica with 100% premium products.

A little bit about our history...
Our path to become the store we are now days!

The begining as Vismark Cigars

Vismarck Cigars is a small family workshop in Guanacaste, Costa Rica, it has been founded and led by Mr. Vismarck Mendoza. We use premium tobacco leaves to create blends with unique flavors and notes, currently, we have four different brands and we develop private blends for entrepreneurs and people who are into the cigar business. You can find different strengths such as medium-bodied, full-bodied, and light-bodied in different blends. Actually, our customers can find four different brands: Vismarck cigars, Delys cigars, Pura vida cigars, and our new Liga privada blend.

Master Blenders

Vismarck Mendoza is the founder, owner and master blender of Vismarck Cigars. He has more than 25 years of experience rolling by hand. He worked at Padron Cigars, My Father Cigars, Oliva Cigars & Drew Estate Cigars in Nicaragua.

Delys Guzmán has more than 25 years of experience acquired in factories such as Valle de Jalapa, Nick Cigars, and Plasencia Cigars. Both are originally from Nicaragua, currently living in Costa Rican for many years ago. 

Becoming Vismark Shop...

Started as a cigar factory to become a complete souvenir store with a big variety of products, our very own product the cigars still available to our dear customers but nowadays we also offer, blown glass, leather, handmade jewelry, wooden bowls, sculptures, and much more! 

All products are elaborated by Costa Rican hands to support the local economy and our local artisans.

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